Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1...

First off, don't expect daily posts. I'm just trying to give this snowball a bit of speed to get rolling. I thought I'd try to give some more detail as to what is going on around me as of recently. Here goes!

When it comes to life in general, I've finally finished most of the paperwork for my application to a school in Japan, and I'll most likely send it in before the week is over. If all goes well, I'm off to Japan for an entire year! I've also started on studying Japanese, and I've mastered Hiragana thanks to Namasensei on youtube. For those interested, I put part one right under this paragraph. Sure, he uses a lot of foul language, and is mostly drunk on camera, but he actually knows what he is talking about and uses simple and easy to remember learning techniques. In other words, he's a perfect teacher for a simpleton like myself!

Other than that, I've had to take a break from gaming on my PC. Turns out my memory is having issues, so there's a lot of Blue Screens abound when gaming. Going to return the memory, and hopefully get new ones today/this week, which should then allow me to put up more stuff on my Youtube channel (which currently holds the grand sum of two videos from War Thunder...)!

I guess that's another thing to elaborate on. I'm a fan of warbirds, from the symbolic World War 2 planes like the P-51 Mustang and the Spitfire, to the more modern F-15C and the A-10C Warthog. Speaking of the Warthog, I might get some video footage of that on Youtube eventually, as I've been playing Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) A-10C Warthog a lot. Don't worry, I've been flying in DCS for half a year now, along with some friends, so we know what we're doing (at least most of the time...).
                                                 Takes some time to get to know these buttons...

Other than that, there's a birthday party I'm gonna attend this weekend, and I discovered a new teaser-trailer for Ace Combat Infinity (which is at the bottom of this post), so I got that to look forward to. Until next time, stay safe!

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