Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Patch

Just thought I'd make a quick update. The AMAZING people over at the VC3 Translation Project, have now released an early build of the patch they're on for Valkyria Chronicles 3. Since the second game in the series didn't sell well, and got pirated heavily, the third game never made it out of Japan, and they're trying to change that. As a massive fan of the first two games, I've been waiting anxiously for this since they announced the start of the project back in February 2012. They've even added easy instructions on how to convert the game to an ISO format from a legally bought version and patch it, as they will not be distributing the patched game, since the game still is property of SEGA.

As a massive fan of the series, I'm gonna hide underneath a blanket or something and just let myself be amazed for the next 100 hours (I'm not kidding, I've spent 110+ hours in the first game, and 300+ hours in VC2). It's gonna be great!

On a final note, I'd like to wish everyone reading this happy holidays, and a happy new year!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Status Update: December

So I felt it was time for another post, this time a bit more of an update than a review or something like that. First things first: It's closing in on Christmas pretty quick! I've been busy trying to figure out what to give as presents, because I'm really bad at that. I guess I lack the creativity, as I've been asked myself what I want for Christmas only to disappoint with an answer like "I dunno". Anyway, Christmas is supposed to be a holiday to spend with your family, enjoy the best of the Christmas movies (I heartily recommend Die Hard, if you remain unconvinced here's 5 reasons Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever ) and eat great food. I might however not have that chance this year, due to work.

On the other hand, I've received some great news! I've gotten accepted into the language school for my one-year Japan trip, and now I only gotta wait for my Student Visa, along with other paperwork to be done. I am seriously excited to go to Japan. I'll probably end up taking a lot of pictures, maybe making a few videos as well, who knows. I'll toss them up on this blog and attempt to make some sort of regular schedule for them by then. Not promising anything on a regular schedule as of yet. Another thing I wanted to mention real quick, is the weather. Normally at this point in December, we'd have loads of snow in Norway, and freezing temperatures of around -5 to -10 degrees Celsius at least. So far we've had two snowfalls, both being washed away by rain the days after with the warm weather. Today it's 5 degrees Celsius. I went out with a T-shirt and an open college-jacket today and still felt warm.

This looks so beautiful!
When it comes to anime I've finished watching Katanagatari, and considered doing a review of it. I scrapped that idea though, because it ended up just being me praising it to the stars and not having any negative things to say about it... It looks gorgeous, the story is great, funny and took some unexpected turns. Gave it a 10/10 on MAL, just because of how much it amazed me and kept me glued to the screen. I strongly recommend this series, as it gets my seal of approval.
Another series I've recently gotten into is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, or The World God Only Knows in English. This series came recommended to me by a friend, who thought the main character, Keima Katsuragi, reminded him of me because of his looks and his character. I'll admit, I'm a bit similar, and hold some of the same views, but nowhere near to the same extent as Keima! Anyway, even if the jokes sometimes hit a bit close to home, I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and will most likely watch the sequels when I get the time.

As a finishing note, I'd like to wish you, the reader, a merry Christmas and happy holiday!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mini-review: Azumanga Daioh

As I hinted at back in the beginning of September I said I might do a mini-review on Azumanga Daioh when I finished it. Well, here it is!

Azumanga Daioh is a bit of a weird slice of life/comedy series. The pacing is a bit sluggish but it fits with the theme very well, as it is revolving around spending time with friends and taking it easy. For me it took some time to get used to the pacing and to get really into the series, but when I did it I got a lot more invested into this series.

Saying that though, it may not be just the pacing that will determine if you'll like it or not. You got to like the characters! A lot of the humor comes from the characters, and how they interact with each other. If you end up not liking one of the characters, it will most likely be detrimental to your enjoyment. This is where Tomo comes in to the picture for me.
"Time to annoy someone!"
As the series went on, she became more and more annoying. She would do stuff like throwing away house keys, annoy the other characters, and say rude things with no compassion towards others, and then act surprised when she hurt their feelings. She's also a slacker, despite being energetic! The only time she doesn't slack off is when she can do something that she knows will annoy someone, or make (what she thinks) is a good joke.

Kaori, unaware of the horror to come.
Employee of the Year?
I wonder if this is someone's OTP... O_o
Luckily though, this series balances out Tomo, with a magnitude of other great characters, like the teacher Kimura (which, for some reason has managed to not lose his job) and the student Kaori (often called Kaorin by Kimura). Kimura, despite being a happily married man, makes several (and somewhat creepy) advances at Kaori, like giving her a cute nickname, planting a sign in the flowerbed saying "Kimurin and Kaorin's flower garden" and dancing with her at the sports day festival, to name a few. This is luckily, all just played for laughs, and it is several times stated that he loves his wife and daughter.

Another great character I want to mention is Sakaki. She's tall (taller than many of the boys), and because of that has never considered herself as being able to be cute, and instead gives off an aura of "cool" in public. She loves animals (cats especially) but can't keep any because her mom is allergic. Seeing her luck with the cat she meets on her way to school several times, this is probably a good thing, as she gets bitten fairly often. This changes later on, when she is allowed to keep a wildcat, at another characters house.

"I've played GTA 5, I got this!"
The last character I'll go into some depth about is the teacher Yukari. Or rather, her driving skills. Yukari drives a car in the same manner as her personality is porttrayed. Reckless. Her car consists of dents and traded paint for the most part. She'll ignore traffic signs and pedestrians to get where she is going, fast. There's even a joke about how one of the characters got traumatized from riding in her car!

To wrap things up, Azumanga Daioh is a very good series that I'd recommend if you want something slower paced, and full of comedic relief, to take a break from the action or drama. If you enjoy the Slice of Life genre, this is a must watch, if you haven't already.

Final Verdict: 8/10

Pros:                                                                          Cons:
- Characters that work well together                               - Tomo can be annoying
- Clever and funny jokes                                                - The slow pace can require some
- Doesn't take itself too seriously                                     acclimatization

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time and Games.

I need a time turner...
I seriously need more time. My backlog is starting to fill up, as it usually does around October to January. This is after all the release time for a lot of games, with Christmas coming up in a month. Also doesn't help that I got three RPG's in the bunch to complete, and a fourth one when I get my PS3 disc drive fixed. Instead of just mentioning them vaguely, I'll list a few of the games here that I'd like to play more of, but I'm too scarce on time.

First off, there's Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen which I did a first impressions post about. I've gotten around to actually beating the game, but the post-game has so much new content, and I'm also in the midst of clearing out Bitterblack Isle. The difficulty has gone up a bit , but not too the point where it's impeding progress though. This I approve. It's also a lot darker without a lantern, meaning that oil is a lot more important now. Once I finish Bitterblack Isle, I'll mark this game as complete, as speedruns and such is more for the Mastery badge on my Backlog.

Secondly, there's Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F.  This may come out of left field, but I really, really like the Vocaloids. Sure, I wouldn't be able to name many songs for you, but when I listen to them I have fun and enjoy it. This is not something I can say for other music-genres. I've gotten through all the songs on Normal difficulty, and I'm working my way on Hard. Some of these songs are absolute mayhem and I can't keep up with the button-prompts on screen. I worry for the Extreme difficulty... Even so, I enjoy this game immensely, and I hugely approve that this game got a western release (unlike the earlier PSP version). Pick it up if you enjoy Vocaloids and/or rhythm games.

Next up is an impulse buy. Final Fantasy IX. That's right, I impulse bought this to my PS Vita. Luckily, since it is on a portable console, I'm able to find a few minutes here and there for it. I've gotten to Disc 2, but the entire squad is still under level 20. I hope this is normal, because of how story-heavy the game is in the beginning. Not a fan of the card-game gimmick included though, so I've purposefully avoided it so far. I'm enjoying the story as it has been presented so far, and the cutscenes look damn good even now.

The fourth game that I'd like more time to play is Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A friend of mine got me into this game and it a fresh breath of air into MMORPG's for me. It's pay-to-play, but the first month is free (wait, isn't that what drug pushers say as well? Haha). Either way, it's a lot of fun and I'd like to get more time into it before I have to pay for more. The game also looks absolutely stunning. The weather changes from day to night,  from sunny to overcast, misty, thunderstorm, light rain, heavy wind and/or rain. It all looks stunning.
Raining sideways due to heavy wind. The sound to accompany this is great.
As if this wasn't enough games, there's Battlefield 4, War Thunder and the upcoming Ace Combat: Infinity, and a lot of anime to watch as well. Mix all that in with a visa-application for out-of-country studies and attempting to be sociable, there's not much time left to do nothing...

Anyway, that's a wrap for this post. Until next time, stay safe!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Horror themed mini-review: Jigoku Shoujo

That's right, got a new mini-review for you! To keep it in theme with the season we're in (with Halloween and all,) it's Jigoku Shoujo, or Hell Girl today!

First off, let me be brutally honest. If you're looking for horror in the form of Corpse Party, this will not satisfy that particular itch. No abundance of violent deaths to be seen here. This is gonna be a bit more of a "think about that for a second and say that isn't scary"-kind of deal. With that in mind, let's continue.

The story, unsurprisingly enough, revolves around Ai Enma, also referred to as Hell Girl. Ai, along with her three sidekicks, get requests from regular people at a website (called Hell Link) that can only be accessed at exactly midnight, and only if you have a strong grievance towards someone.

Your grievance shall be avenged.
We, as the viewer, get to
join in and watch Ai and her sidekicks work as different people submit names of people they want banished to hell. This is also the point where this stops being simple. Should you find, and submit a name to the Hell Link, Ai will visit you personally (within a second of submitting the name) and give you the following deal.

Would you untie the thread?
You accept the straw doll with a red thread. Now you got to confirm that you are serious about banishing someone to hell immediately. This is done by untying the red thread and banishing yourself to hell as well on the day you die, or you walk away. That's right. You thought this was gonna be an easy free ride to send someone you dislike to hell? You're wrong. You're sending someone into an eternity of pain, horror and who-knows-what-else immediately. The price to pay is that you will suffer the same fate on the day you die in the future. "Curses come home to roost" as Ai puts it. This is a question I really liked this series for asking. Just how much do you have to hate someone to see them sent to hell right this instant, and you with them at a later date?

About halfway in the series, the story changes a bit. Instead of just hearing about the stories of unlucky souls, we also get to know Hajime, a freelance journalist, and Tsugumi Shibata (Hajime's daughter). Hajime starts looking into the cases where people have mysteriously vanished (or as the viewer knows, been sent to hell), and at the same time Tsugumi begins to have these visions, where she momentarily sees something Ai is watching. Together they try to figure out why Hell Girl is banishing people to hell, if there is any way they can stop her, and why Tsugumi and Ai seem to have some sort of connection. I won't spoil anything, as this series is definitely worth a watch just to figure out what Ai's driving factor is, and how it all connects to Hajime and Tsugumi.

Final Verdict: 9/10
Pros:                                                                   Cons:
- Great characters                                                - Not as scary as I thought it was going to be
- Great use of suspense                                           for a horror series
- Big moral grey area with untying the
   red thread
- Great pacing.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Horror themed mini-review: Corpse Party

It's getting really close to Halloween, and I'm a fan of October as a whole being horror themed. With that in mind, I thought I'd do a mini-review of some horror-themed anime. The following is a mini-review of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou, and thus not fit for the squeamish or those with a heart-condition.

First things first. A lot of people might not know about this series, so I'll give you a quick introduction. Corpse Party started off as a PC game made with RPG-maker software back in 1996. It got a remake, named Corpse Party: Blood Covered back in '08, and Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear for the PSP in February last year (which was when I discovered this gem).
Screenshot from the Playstation Portable version
 That's right, the game was deemed so good, it was not only remade once, but twice. It got a pretty big cult-following, so it's not to be unexpected. I mean, it's why we're here, talking about the recent anime adaption!

Hang on Kishinuma, let's save our progress first!
Having played the PSP version, I can't help but draw comparisons between the PSP version and the new anime version. This is however not a bad thing. The scenes are faithful to the game, they got the voice actors from the game to voice the anime, and they even threw in the save points (lit candles on the floor) at the same places! One thing the anime-series does very well is making sure the story flows along, not too fast, or not too slow. This was a problem I felt the PSP version had. The third and fourth chapters dragged on a bit and I wasn't as tensed up because of it. Making this a four episode OVA was definitely the right thing to do, as even if you watch all four of them continuously you will not get bored.

No quick deaths here. Massive pain ahead
It may be a bit late to mention, but if you want a horror story with a happy ending you've taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. It's quite similar to the series Another in that respect. Half the tension is from figuring out who will make it, who doesn't, and how do the ones that don't survive, die? This is another place the anime mixes it up a little. The game has a ton of "Dead Ends" (or bad endings, if you will), and the anime version tried to get quite a few of those presented for the viewer. However, since it is a limited character pool, and they can't kill off the same characters multiple times, they change the Dead Ends slightly, so that the character survives (but not always, to keep you guessing).

Spoiler: He's not talking to his sister
Another thing to remember is that people surrounded by death, ghosts and constant fear, tend to end up somewhat unstable after a while. Even the living may end up being an enemy out to end your life!

When all is said and done, this is seriously a great anime, no matter if you've played the game or not. Give it a try, at most you've only spent two hours, which is nothing compared to the characters in this anime. Heavenly Host Elementary School awaits...

Final Verdict: 9/10

Pros:                                                              Cons:
- True to the games                                        - Some deaths are slightly changed (only matters if
- Great story                                                     you played the game and are super-loyal to it)
- Doesn't drag out, keeps the flow going
- Keeps blood/gore levels realistic
- No "sunshine and lollipops" ending

Monday, October 14, 2013

A look at Pokemon:The Origin and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Another blog post, guess this snowball is actually rolling downhill by itself now! (If you didn't get that, refer to my first blog post). So, I've been watching Pokemon: The Origin and
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun since the last post, and I can safely say that it was just what I needed after Shingeki no Kyojin. I've also gotten myself a haircut and a new pair of glasses! Turns out, to get both of these on the same day is a bad idea. Some people won't recognize you at first... So, it's a good idea if you want a new identity, I suppose, otherwise, make sure you let it go a day or two in between...

Pokemon: The Origin is a real good, 4 episode series, filled with nostalgia. The series is directly aimed at those who have great memories from playing Pokemon Red/Blue/Green in the past. I mean, the episodes start, and end, with the classic start menu, and the familiar "saving the game" screen.
You know you remember this!
Start the adventure!
Definitely worth a watch if you have fond memories of the first generation of Pokemon. Just be warned, this is an anime also aimed to get you curious about the new Pokemon X/Y for the 3DS, as they do introduce something called "Mega-evolutions" towards the end, which I've been told are in X/Y.

The second series I've watched, as earlier stated was Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I went into this series pretty blind, just expecting it to be a comedy. Turns out it's a rom-com, which I'm perfectly okay with. Seriously, my favourite anime-series ever, is Clannad and it's sequel Clannad: After Story. And hey, guess what? Black Ragdoll did a review of Clannad not too long ago! She also was kind-enough to give me a shoutout!. Anyway, back on track! The characters in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun are great. They don't run with as many cliches as one would originally think. The male main character, Haru Yoshida, is honest to a fault, and is a bit eager to start fights. There's also a lot he doesn't understand, but he's honestly trying to be a good person... even if it backfires a lot. 
Pro-tip: Do not punch the girl you are in love with.
Surprise hugs from behind, not always popular.
The main female character, Shizuku Mizutani, is a somewhat cold person, aims for the far future and thus, enjoys doing her homework and being ranked number 1 in her class on tests. Despite being ranked number 1, she is not the typical girl every guy in the class fawns over, because of how cold she can be. She was used to being alone and not thinking that she was lonely, and gradually starts to warm up as the series progresses. There's some drama, but it's usually resolved pretty quick, in favor of comedy. 

Pros:                                                               Cons:
- Lighthearted and fun                                      - Some story elements remain unsolved
- Doesn't take itself too seriously                      - Story goes a bit back and forth
- Likeable characters                                       
- Face animations/expressions are funny

Final verdict: 7/10

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dragons, Guns and Titans, oh my!

Man, it's been a busy week! Playstation+ gave away Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for free, so I got that last weekend. It's ridiculously good. Imagine Skyrim, Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus fused together into one being. BAM. You got Dragon's Dogma!

The world looks really great and it's so detailed! There's tons of foliage around, be it grass, bushes, trees, rocks or what you thought was rocks, only to wake up and prove to be a Golem. This is where the Shadow of the Colossus part comes up. Instead of just hacking away at enemies' ankles, you can climb up their bodies and hit various bodyparts for various effects! Hit a Griffin or a Drake that's flying on their wings, and they'll come tumbling down. Hit a Cyclops on his weapon-hand, and he'll drop his weapon. It's basic stuff, but it helps make the combat so satisfying. And the only way to defeat a Golem? Destroy the spots imbued with magic, allowing him to move! Seriously, this game has got a lot of different enemies, from the common goblin, to harpies, griffins, chimeras, drakes and more. (I still haven't completed the game, it's really big, so there might be more that I don't know of as well).
Hit the weakspots for massive damage!
A Chimera's size, compared to a human.
Also related to gaming is the fact that the Battlefield 4 Open Beta is out for everyone to join. Me and a good amount of my buddies from Hardcore Gaming Community have been going at it for hours on end. Not having played Battlefield 3 on PC, I don't really have much of comparison. One thing I can say though is that the action is a lot more fast-paced and frantic on PC then Battlefield 3 is on PS3, and it's still a LOT of fun.

These last couple of days I've spent a lot of time watching what everyone else has been watching, Shingeki no Kyojin, or Attack on Titan as it's called in English. I deliberately waited for this to finish airing before I started watching, because from all the good things I had heard I knew it was gonna drag a hold of me and not let go. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. I'm usually slow with watching series, so when I completed the entire 25 episodes in a week (and one of my work-weeks as well), I surprised myself. Something Shingeki no Kyojin does really, really well, is the artstyle, and the eyes of the characters. There's quite an amount of close-up shots of the characters eyes when something (usually particularly gruesome) happens.
Holy crap, these gas prices!
Another thing this series does really well is the characters. All of them are really memorable, have their own charms and quirks. My favourite character is most likely Sasha Blouse, just because of the amazing first impression she gave. Everyone else is standing at attention. Sasha? She's eating!

Sasha "Potato Girl" Blouse, best character.
Of course, if you eat when you're supposed to stand at attention you stand out like a sore thumb, so the Drill Sergeant notices her and asks what she's doing. She responds by saying that she's eating a potato, then attempts to break the potato in half (instead snapping it into a piece on 1/3 and another on 2/3). She then says she is willing to share half of the potato with the Drill Sergeant! The only thing that makes the scene even better is that the voice actress for Sasha also did the voice for Kaere/Kaede Kimura in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Ruka "Rukako" Urushibara from Stein's;Gate.
Kaere/Kaede Kimura
Ruka Urushibara

The only negative things I can think of when it comes to Shingeki no Kyojin is that almost every episode had a 3-4 minute long "Previously on..." part, and it ends on a cliffhanger. This might just be something I didn't like, because I ended up watching all of it almost back-to-back, and not once a week like everyone else. I'm happy I ended up waiting, because those cliffhangers would have driven me nuts.

Final Verdict: 9/10
Pros:                                                                                  Cons:
- Great and immersive story                                                - Repeating previous episodes
- Amazing artstyle                                                               - Cliffhanger Ending
- LOTS of very likeable characters
- Great music (I'm still humming the second opening)
- Very smooth action scenes

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hard times ahead.

Hello again! I'll just cut right to the chase here. Ace Combat Infinity didn't have a release date on September 25th after all. Rumors abound, some say it got delayed, others that it was the date for the Japanese beta-test.  Massively disappointed, and I'm sorry for just adding fuel to that fire... Anyway, at Tokyo Game Show just a few days ago, they put out a new trailer, this one with some length and story elements in it.

I've been studying some more Japanese recently, after a break on two weeks (mostly due to work). I've gotten around to learning て-form (Te-form), and I've started to work on Katakana. I thought Hiragana was bad when it came to characters looking a lot similar, but Katakana is much worse, haha. Seriously, just look at Ke ケand Ku ク. Damn. Well, it's not like you can learn any language in a day anyway, right? Got to put in some work for that reward.

On the anime front, I actually completed WataMote today, which marked my 150th completed anime according to My Anime List. That's a pretty big milestone, but at the same time I've seen a lot of people with tons more completed anime on their lists. I found WataMote to be really, REALLY funny, but I was slightly disappointed in the ending. Definitely worth a watch if you want something short to just laugh to. Ended up giving it an 8/10 (That's the equivalent of "Very Good" as I use the same scores as My Anime List). It's a series I could re-watch at a later time with someone who hasn't, purely for the laughs.
What?! No perfect 10?!

I'm not even halfway done with Azumanga Daioh, so there's still quite a wait time for that mini-review I'm afraid. Sorry! Anyway, that's it for this post. Stay tuned for more, and stay safe!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Ace Combat!

Howdy! Yet another post! Ace Combat Infinity is closing in like a fast-mover on afterburners, so the Ace Combat Official Fan Page just chucked out 32 new pictures on their page! Here's my three favorites.

I've also been playing a bit of Ace Combat:Assault Horizon, mostly to brush up my "skills" (if there ever was any) for Infinity, so I got some good footage from that recently.
As a final note, making this a rather small update, I've started playing Arma 3 with the fellas at Hardcore Gaming Community. We're a good mix of new and experienced Arma players, all learning each other the ropes.

For those of you waiting for an anime update, fret not, it's on the Horizon! (Yes, another pun, better get used to them) xD

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Full stream ahead!

Yes, that is a pun in the title. I'm horrible like that. Anyway, I've been (and still am) sorting out a few settings and tweaking others in regards to streaming, but from the tests I've done it seems good to go! So far though, I've only tried War Thunder and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on the stream, but they both seem to run really well. The streams can be found here, although I haven't set much of a schedule. I'll just be streaming when I feel like it. Whatever "Golden Moments" I have, is usually made into highlights then exported over to Youtube, just like this clip from War Thunder with a friend from the Hardcore Gaming Community.

On the anime front I discovered Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! (that's a mouthful and a half, isn't it?), which apparently translates into No matter how I look at it, it's you guys' fault I'm not popular!. Luckily though, some brilliant person out there gave it the shortened name WataMote, which is actually possible to remember. The series is currently airing, I've caught up to it and it's really hilarious. It' about a female shut-in with bags under her eyes from being up all night trying to become popular (and so far, not having much luck).
                                 The average social situation in WataMote

That's it for now though, I hope you all have a great time and stay healthy until the next post!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MAL is down, let's return to Comona Islands!

Yes, you read that right! Comona Islands is apparently making a grand return in Ace Combat Infinity when that pops out on September 25th! Some screenshots and a new teaser trailer were released, and I was blown away!
                                                              I cannot wait to try this out!

One thing a lot of us Ace Combat fans will notice, is that they remixed the song from the mission over Comona Islands in Ace Combat 4, and from what's heard in the trailer, it sounds great!

As you also read in the header, MyAnimeList (MAL) is down due to a DDOS attack. That's right, someone with too much time on their hands decided to DDOS a website made for people who want to keep their watched anime and manga in a neat list and discuss them with others. I'm just hoping no one loses their entire list...

Other than that, I got my new memory for my PC yesterday, and I started watching Azumanga Daioh. I can't really say anything about it yet, might give it a mini-review once I'm done with it. For now, I believe this picture explains Azumanga Daioh the best.

Back to the topic of the memory, I'll do a bit of testing and such. If it all works out properly I can start capturing gameplay again, in hopes of finding some great footage! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 1...

First off, don't expect daily posts. I'm just trying to give this snowball a bit of speed to get rolling. I thought I'd try to give some more detail as to what is going on around me as of recently. Here goes!

When it comes to life in general, I've finally finished most of the paperwork for my application to a school in Japan, and I'll most likely send it in before the week is over. If all goes well, I'm off to Japan for an entire year! I've also started on studying Japanese, and I've mastered Hiragana thanks to Namasensei on youtube. For those interested, I put part one right under this paragraph. Sure, he uses a lot of foul language, and is mostly drunk on camera, but he actually knows what he is talking about and uses simple and easy to remember learning techniques. In other words, he's a perfect teacher for a simpleton like myself!

Other than that, I've had to take a break from gaming on my PC. Turns out my memory is having issues, so there's a lot of Blue Screens abound when gaming. Going to return the memory, and hopefully get new ones today/this week, which should then allow me to put up more stuff on my Youtube channel (which currently holds the grand sum of two videos from War Thunder...)!

I guess that's another thing to elaborate on. I'm a fan of warbirds, from the symbolic World War 2 planes like the P-51 Mustang and the Spitfire, to the more modern F-15C and the A-10C Warthog. Speaking of the Warthog, I might get some video footage of that on Youtube eventually, as I've been playing Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) A-10C Warthog a lot. Don't worry, I've been flying in DCS for half a year now, along with some friends, so we know what we're doing (at least most of the time...).
                                                 Takes some time to get to know these buttons...

Other than that, there's a birthday party I'm gonna attend this weekend, and I discovered a new teaser-trailer for Ace Combat Infinity (which is at the bottom of this post), so I got that to look forward to. Until next time, stay safe!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The introduction!

Hello there! I'll make the first post rather quick and snappy. This blog will be an experiment for me in sharing my thoughts on various things on the internet. As it stands I have little to no experience whatsoever with blogging, so this could prove interesting or end up like a big flop!

Anyway, I hope you'll join in on this experiment of mine and enjoy the time spent here! Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated!