Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Patch

Just thought I'd make a quick update. The AMAZING people over at the VC3 Translation Project, have now released an early build of the patch they're on for Valkyria Chronicles 3. Since the second game in the series didn't sell well, and got pirated heavily, the third game never made it out of Japan, and they're trying to change that. As a massive fan of the first two games, I've been waiting anxiously for this since they announced the start of the project back in February 2012. They've even added easy instructions on how to convert the game to an ISO format from a legally bought version and patch it, as they will not be distributing the patched game, since the game still is property of SEGA.

As a massive fan of the series, I'm gonna hide underneath a blanket or something and just let myself be amazed for the next 100 hours (I'm not kidding, I've spent 110+ hours in the first game, and 300+ hours in VC2). It's gonna be great!

On a final note, I'd like to wish everyone reading this happy holidays, and a happy new year!

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